Friday, February 18, 2011

Reflection of the Beginning

Do you remember the times you been driving, or even a passenger on a routine drive, let's say from work on your way home, and obviously you started the car, merged into traffic and are now pulling up in front of your residence.........but the actual drive, what you passed, the songs that played, even the weather was completely removed from your short term memory?  So much is forgotten or filed away as we fly from point A to B and then C, D, E.....two very wise people in my life have told me to enjoy this journey I've been traveling for several months.  However, my concerns have been strictly focused on moving and getting from one place to another.  I have yet to reflect on the accomplishments and goals that have been acheived and overcome along the way.  So it's time to blog.  It's time to step back and reflect on all that has taken place in the past several months and all that has been created!  It's time to move towards the ultimate goal and embrace the pulse of my help others.  This is why I took the chance of a lifetime, to move towards my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. 

More often than not I focus on the though I am pre-programmed to do so.  Even now I want to start off with a laundry list of negatives and move from there.  However, I am taking a cue from a caring, spiritually in tact, positive and wonderfully helpful mother.  Her blog inspires me to reach down and not only see that the glass is half full--but see that it is running over.  I love you for that mom.

When I first saw that building I was in love.  The glorious peeling green paint, the rusted awning, partially finished walls, the smell of mildew....ahhhh.  I was in love.  High ceilings that reached to the heavens, large open rooms with sunlight streaming through!!  Such promise, such beauty!  My heart raced and I thought of nothing else for days.  This was it.  This was the location of the dream--a home for children while their caregivers toil away at work or school, where they can be loved, accepted, taught and enjoy being a child. 

My lifelong friend, also saw the charm and potential.  She helped paint--a lovely pale, yellow to play off of the sunny rooms--for hours. This is no exaggeration.  She helped for hours--her positive spirit and excitement helped, more than she knows, to continue to propel me forward.  We tiled (used pros for 80%) but oh did we tile.  She was impressive with the corner pieces!! Precise, fine cuts she made and it looks marvelous. Thank you dear friend for seeing the glass half full.  I love you for that.

The plumber, excuse me Master Plumber, was indeed such.  He worked quickly with his craft and where there was nothing, then there were two working sinks!  He created.  The inspector came looking for something out of code or displaced, but none was to be found.  Thank you Master Plumber! 

Beautiful white-six panel doors, crisp clean drywall hung, Interior and exterior painting completed, bushes trimmed so they may grow as intended.  So much done by so many.  It is beautiful.